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Our Story

We are a bunch of tech experts who are passionate about games. We play a lot of games ourselves and we hope to see more great games being developed. We recently joined forces with iCandy Group (ASX:ICI) to venture into Web3.0 and Metaverse gaming future.

Our Vision

If you are a game developer, we want to make your life in Web3.0 game development easier. 


We are putting in enterprise level technologies to make the product, and we evolved constantly to give you better Web3.0 game development experience.


What Gameconomy Provides?



We have developed a matchmaking engine and session based game networking to help you create PvP games easily.



We collect data about your player, game networking and game economy and display them in such a way that you can make sense out of it.


Game Economy

Drop box, crates, game items, game currencies can all be defined on Gameconomy and be used in your game logics. You can even determine the probability of certain items being drop to the players. Not only that, for mobile games, we help you fight the fraud by verifying the IAP transactions for you.

Game Data

We help you store and manage all the player and player group related data such as their customization, their progress, score, leaderboard and etc. Add an abstraction layer so that you don't have to deal with database directly.


Blockchain Technology

We are ready to help you integrate your game to the Web3.0 and Metaverse. From smart contract developments to loading the NFTs into the game, and SDK to allow you easily manage players' wallet.


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